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Away from the fierce competition! Additionally. so-call long-tail searches now offer even greater potential. Using this tactic. synonyms are search for from the struggling keyword and these synonyms are cover by the ad. bypassing the fierce competition. However. thanks to Google’s new changes. competition here will also continue to intensify as people are now increasingly looking for these niches. Only the first position is relevant! The new changes have also had a major impact on general search results. Showing four ads would slide ten organic.

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Search results down view. Even before Bahrain Mobile Database Google’s new tweaks. close attention to location. Now things get even worse. assuming only the first three natural knots results will be notic. That means the job now has to be done more professionally and efficiently. If local search results are shown. normal search results slide further down. For the company. the goal must be tighten from the beginning to the end. For people. this means more effort and professionalism when optimizing for general search. Local and in-picture displays are also becoming increasingly important. Become an expert now! Visit our webinars! The importance grows every day! The importance of commercial ads will continue to grow as Google further pushes general search in the.

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Future by displaying four ad blocks above TW Lists organic search results. optimization will no longer be enough and group discussions will become increasingly mandatory. In our fifth and final blog post on market research methods. we would like to introduce you to qualitative method group discussions. which also play an important role in market research. providing all relevant information. Group discussion qualitative market research is characteriz by low standardization and personal contact with research participants. This not only documents the actual answer to the question. but also brings up interesting aspects in more detail or sets priorities to glean important insights. This type of research is always especially useful. when pure statistics and numbers are not of interest. and context and connections are call into question. The German Marketing Academy specializes in qualitative.

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