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Expert opinion is also known as expert interview.  was associat with significantly lower social expectations compar to group discussions. as an atmosphere of trust could be develop over a time frame of up to two hours. in which key topics were also dealt with. Despite the small sample size. in-depth interviews paint a picture of the entire point of view. reactions. and emotions. thereby providing clients with concrete results.

Responsive behavior of respondents

Another qualitative method is group Armenia Mobile Database discussion. of in-depth interviews In-depth interviews offer the following advantages over other market research methods. Flexibility. The openness and soft-spokenness of the dialogue means that the nes and response behavior of the interviewee can be individually address. Emotionally. For example. in an atmosphere of mutual trust. respondents also express their emotions or unresolv unpleasant aspects of the team. The results can be observ directly. As part of this particular method. the interviewers also obtain information about the subjects’ unconscious attitudes and perspectives. which is difficult to obtain. Disadvantages of In-Depth Interviews with Market Researcher for Course.

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Operations. this method also has some TW Lists disadvantages. The method is expensive. The evaluation of record information is relatively complex. Reliability and validity suffer due to low standardization. Application of In-Depth Interviews Customer Ratings Curse or Blessing. (Poll) Customer ratings are increasingly influencing the purchasing decisions of today’s customers. Everyone is familiar with well-known review sites such as . . . or. perhaps. one of them even submitt a review themselves.

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