IFTTT vs Zapier vs Workato: Automation for today’s people

In this post you will find a brief presentation of the three main platforms (IFTTT, Zapier and Workato) that connect applications for task automation. Hello! How’s that going? If it goes well, then send you a smile by “cosmic energy”. If not, then connect with affectionate messaging service and send you a lot of strength. You already know that I care about you, a lot. That’s why every time you come to my blog, it sends a positive feeling to my brain. When I have a positive feeling in my brain, connect with my mouth and smile.

The proliferation of Apis has generated a new ecosystem

Yes, I am convinced, the APIs are to blame for all this. And not the pâté, as good as it is. Better than bread. Oh no, that’s the other one… I am referring to those “Application Programming category email list Interface” or, so that we understand each other, “access points that platforms make available to programmers so that they can use their functions and data in their own developments” . [piopialo vcboxed=»1″]APIs are not paté, they are “to act easily with data and functions”.[/piopialo] Yes, what makes it possible for you to use a tool that manages your Twitter account, to give you an example, is called API.

IFTTT : Simple personal recipe system

Let me start with the one that seems to be most widespread within the personal sphere. I have spoken about IFTTT on several occasions, such as that time I told you “7 things you TW Lists will never do again thanks to IFTTT”. IFTTT Home Page 2015 Advantages: Very simple to use. And it really is like that. You only have a few options available (enough, most of the time) and you simply have to construct the phrase “IF This Then That”. For children. Very widespread use. It is almost impossible to see a Smartphone without this application installed or anyone who does not know it. It is used a lot, mainly in our sector.

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