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The problem,” she said, “is that teachers sometimes worry only about the acquisition of the content offer to the student; However, for these to be significant we must worry about cultivating a desire to experience introspection for the sincere recognition of the strengths and weaknesses that we as social individuals possess.” The dancer explain cases that she deals with on a daily basis, difficult and in some extreme cases; since working in marginal areas is the reality where not only the lack of identity of young people but the imitation of negative stereotypes is evident.

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 Hers is knowlge about the subject that is more vivid than learn in any university lecture, which gives her the security of someone who knows about the problem because she sees his face every day. The oldest philosophy b2b email list of the West has understood this ucational problem for more than two millennia. On the pronaos of the temple of Apollo, there was the famous aphorism “Know thyself.” There is no new knowlge under the sun, we are the product of a cultural heritage that we assume and seek to interpret in our time to understand our destiny.

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The customer is very important, the customer will be followed by the customer. Vania, like Heraclitus, reminds us that no knowlge arises from nothing and that first knowlge is knowing who we are. However, knowing who we are is not TW Lists link to a metaphysics or ontology detach from this earthly world, but rather to a knowlge of our most fervent desires, our most belov aspirations. Rubén Darío in his poem De el Fatal said that there was no worse misfortune in this existence than “not knowing where we are going, or where we come from…”. We must not forget that many of our students find themselves in this situation.

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