How to get a good Mockup

I wanted to make this small point because it is something that, singing the mea culpa, perhaps we have all .Done (or are doing, although I no longer do) on some occasion. [piopialo]Never, ever, make your website adapt to the .Template instead of the template to your website[/piopialo]. Will you follow me where I go? Does that sound familiar to you . A very convenient and cheap way to create a website is to choose a template that seems attractive to you and adapt the content to that template. Where the templater puts photos, you put photos. Where the templater puts .Team” with photos of people who look like the Cullens, you put photos of your. Employees (or you make them up). Where they say “skills”, you say “tiler at 100%, plasterer at 80%”. No, this is not so.

What is a Mockup?

In general terms, a Mockup is the same as a model or a prototype, depending on whether it is industry email list simply a drawing of the final result (mockup) or a version with. Reduced functionality (prototype) that allows us to intuit .What its real behavior or functions will be. When it comes to web design and development and even more so when it comes to work for a client.A mockup is the first step to the satisfactory conclusion of a web project for a client . Ein? Well ye. Allows the client to visualize the final result. Those of us who are immersed in this world have been. Acquiring the ability to 

Make the total scope of the project clear

Since mockups are made of almost all the pages (or at least each one that is different from the others), the whole TW Lists makes it clear what the scope of the project is and avoids assumptions that can later lead to uncomfortable (and sometimes costly) situations. both for the client and for us. In this case, if the client detects deficiencies, we are at a point where the budget can be rectified without losing too much.

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