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External Database External Database External database is a database that provides access to external parties. Like a commercial service that asks for feedback in the form of a fee to access a service product. This access aims to reward information sources his type of database is really needed for providing important information for end-users . 9. Navigational Database Database Navigation Through the navigation database, users can find the desired information by providing appropriate keywords.  Through the ” home page “, other web pages can be .

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connected by adding another source URL address code. This media can be text, images, videos, music, graphics, and so on. 11. In-Memory Database Database Memory The next database is the memory database contained. In the hardware. and the system works differently if you use disk . Dased ws number list storage management. Using main memory, the database will run faster through simple internal algorithm optimization. This is because it uses a very light CPU to execute instructions. In its implementation, this database is used for telecommunications.  Networks that require fast emergency operation. The memory response will work as soon as possible.  Because it is considered very important. 12. Document Oriented Database Document image A document-oriented database.

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Each field in the table also represents a data value. Structured TW Lists Query Language (SQL) is a programming language used to query RDBMS programs. In this language, features are available to give commands to insert, update, delete and search for some information. and fault tolerance through replication and scale capabilities.and English training so you  in a company or startup. Choose one of 3 learning paths.

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