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The influencer item at just $239.000. The breakdown shows that jenner’s celebrity status alone drives the results . But that hasn’t stopp her from using news of the acquisition to benefit her brand launch. The channel that provid the highest value during the period was instagram. Which allow kylie jenner to combine 175m total followers from both her personal and brand accounts  to reach a wider audience during the launch . Both before and after coty inc.’s announcement. Top instagram post for miv®: @kyliejenner this post was shar on his personal account ahead of the news and garner over 3.9 million likes and nearly 30.000 comments .

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The day following the acquisition. For the launch of kylie jenner’s christmas collection. Bas on an already effective strategy implement through social channels to maximize its impact. #bbmoment: kylie jenner’s winning holiday collection over the 3-week measurement period (november 14 – december 4). Of the total $53 million generat in miv®. $24 million was generat from the holiday collection. There were two main voices that contribut to the achievement of a $24 million miv®: celebrity (kylie jenner) and own mia (kylie cosmetics). With values ​​of $12 and $8 b2b leads million respectively. Contributions from the other items were much lower. With mia at $3.3 million and

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Since her famous “lip kit” was releas on the market in november 2015. In just four years she has become the world’s youngest billionaire. Confirming her status as royalty gen z and rising entrepreneur. On november 18. 2019. Cosmetics giant coty inc. Bought a majority stake in jenner’s makeup and skin care company. Paying $600 million for a 51% stake. Giving the company a market TW Lists  valuation worth $1.2 billion and kylie has an estimat net worth of $1 billion . News of the acquisition alone generat $11 million in mia impact value™ and provid buzzperfect for the brand. Amplifying the launch of its latest collection. In fact. The brand strategically chose november 19th.

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