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Member pages should also have the follow button as their primary function on their profile, rather than ‘connect. The 5,000 connection mark is incribly high and beyond the reach of many individual users. The stories feature is relatively new to LinkIn and seems unusual, as the feature has previously only exist on social platforms for personal use. Still, it can open up a lot of opportunities, due to the trend that young people prefer to watch stories over traditional news fes. In short, it’s probably worth experimenting with both ways, especially with the option to add links to stories. It could be another way to get more traffic, which is always worth testingHi, my name is.

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Anita Bouwmeester and I am 22 years old. My adventure at Traffic Today start in September 2020. Then I start at TT as a digital marketing intern. After my internship I stay on as a part-timer. This is how I learn new things in the field of online marketing every week. Now that I’m graduating, I can combine work and school well. Why Traffic Today? Via the HAN internship portal Croatia Phone Number List I end up at Traffic Today. After taking a look at the website, I became very enthusiastic and sent an application letter. Soon I receiv an invitation for an online conversation due to corona at the time. Although I couldn’t get to the office.

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I did have a good idea of ​​the company and its activities. That image was confirm when I arriv at the office. I was immiately welcom with open arms and everyone was willing to help. My experience at TT My entry felt like being welcom into a warm bath. The friendly atmosphere, the openness and the willingness to help each other did me very well. Entering a new company is always scary, but the colleagues at Traffic Today immiately put you at ease. As an intern you will receive good TW Lists guidance and opportunities to work on your personal development. I was given tasks with responsibility and was really seen as a colleague.

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