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Presence Access to the international market Fast result marketplace trends Riscover importance of marketplaces When stores had to close their doors to shoppers en masse in 2020 due to the corona pandemic, the same audience flock to online marketplaces in large numbers. Products that were normally purchas in physical stores suddenly had to be obtain online. Marketplaces turn out to be the big winners of this situation and saw their turnover go through the roof. But what does this mean for the future? Will the success of marketplaces continue or will a return to the high street lead to a significant decline in online shoppers? 10 marketplace trends Of course it remains speculation, but we can now say with some certainty that the effect of marketplaces on.

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The online sales and marketing of products is permanent. Consumer behavior has chang, partly due to the simplicity that marketplaces offer; buyers are only a few clicks away from the next purchase at any given time. The fact that shipping is usually super fast only makes the threshold even lower! Moreover, marketplaces offer the overview that you as a consumer are looking for. You can easily compare products from various brands and you don’t have to scour dozens of SMS Gateway Serbia web shops looking for the best deal. Standing out as a company with your products on marketplaces can therefore be a smart strategy to generate more conversion . Trends that you should definitely keep an eye on in the coming years are: 1 | Mobile shopping is becoming more important.

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Anyone who still thinks that consumers look for products on their phone and then make the actual purchase via desktop will be disappoint. Since 2016, the share of mobile shopping has increas from 52% by more than 20% to as much as 73% in 2021. This means that almost three-quarters of all buyers prefer to make purchases via their telephone. A marketplace that has the mobile interface in order, or that uses a mobile-first design itself, probably achieves significantly TW Lists better results than an alternative without a mobile-friendly interface. 2 | Niche marketplaces are getting more space The chance that you will win the battle with giants such as Bol.

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