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On the internal links help us understand the structure of our website, the value of individual subpages and how they are connecte to each other. For you: Internal links help you navigate our site, providing a better user experience and lower bounce rate. Worth knowing: Providing a positive user experience has a positive impact on CX customer experience , . the perception of our brand by customers. Now that we understand the basics about the importance of internal linking, let’s take a closer look at its specific benefits. Here are the most important benefits affecting SEO: . Making the website easier to navigate Users come to our website with personalize intentions and nees.

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Some people are looking for information or a description of our services or products, while others want to make a purchase or find possible ways to contact our company. internal links – website navigation. These intentions and photo editor nees can be reasonably responde to by building a wise structure of internal links. Thanks to such navigation, we will better present the website’s architecture to the search engine and the user, which in turn will have a positive impact on positioning. . Creating an understandable website architecture Now let’s expand on the topic discusse in the previous paragraph,  website architecture.

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It is the basis of every project and basically refers to the way subpages are structure. Thanks to it, we will either significantly improve or ruin the positive experience of our guests. internal links – website architecture. Planning a smart and intuitive structure gives users a better insight into the content of our website, and makes it easier for search engines to scan and index it . It is also a strong foundation for creating TW Lists proper internal linking.  Spreading the SEO value over many subpages. Each link on our website carries value and strength, which in the SEO world is commonly calle link -juice.

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