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million inhabitants live in Dutch-speaking Belgium. With French-speaking Belgium, more than 70% new potential customers in Belgium will be add. No stress You don’t have to worry about how the translation of product information will go in the future. will take care of the translation of the information of the articles offer in French-speaking Belgium. The French-speaking customer service will also take care of Also good to know: the miation fee remains the same. Would you like to know more about the move to French-speaking Belgium and the opportunities it brings for your company? Feel free to contact us! Then we’ll make sure you’re the first to join us in 2020.Seasonality is one of the biggest factors influencing the world of online marketing.

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For many online advertisers, the summer period is the ideal period to advertise, because people are on holiday, the holiday money has been receiv and relatively more is being bought. For other online advertisers, the holiday season represents a quiet period as consumers shift their focus to retail shopping. For example, florists typically expect an increase in traffic around Valentine’s Day Peru Phone Number List and Mother’s Day. And of course every online marketer understands the importance of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. In this blog we give you some useful tips about optimizing for seosonality. What else falls under seasonality? In addition to the four seasons, seasonality also includes the standard holidays.

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As an advertiser, you can strategically link up at these moments with campaigns for your target group. Seasonal shifts in customer behavior fluctuate throughout the year. Purchasing behavior is influenc by various seasonal factors. Here are some concrete tips to help you adjust your marketing strategy in a way that takes into account seasonality, so you can TW Lists take full advantage of these important opportunities when they arise. Tip 1 – Google Trends Use Google Trends to learn more about your company’s seasonal patterns. Google Trends is a goldmine of information for marketers who want to understand what type of seasonal patterns are typical for their business.

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