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Understanding why users are on a platform is important to convey a message that brings real value. Once this is clear, you should think about which use of ephemeral content best suits your company and target group. Do videos or images better suit your company For products, images often make more sense and videos often do better for services. But that doesn’t mean you should pin yourself down to one or the other. Do what feels right. The possibilities of ephemeral content You can go in different directions with ephemeral content. As the name suggests, stories are ideal for storytelling. By sharing several short updates in a row you tell a story.

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Do you want to involve the consumer more in your stories This can be done, for example, through a giveaway. Let users mention you in their story and then you can share the nicest and funniest entries with your followers. You can be interactive in the stories through, for example, or a live stream. But you can also show short how-to’s, behind the scenes or a sneak peek. Give viewers Hungary Phone Number List something they won’t see anywhere else to increase exclusivity. You can also share a unique offer through a story. Thanks to the temporary nature of the story, the exclusivity of the offer also increases and you therefore also increase the chance that the promotion will be us.

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Advertising with ephemeral content It is now possible to advertise with ephemeral content. For example, you can distribute your advertisements via Instagram stories and the stories on Snapchat. The ads are automatically play between the regular stories, so that users unexpectly see your ad. So surprise the users with fun and interesting content. When you choose to make an TW Lists advertising video for one of the platforms, you have to make sure that your video has the right dimensions and specifications. Want to know more about ephemeral content Do you want to use ephemeral content for your company and do you ne help with this Then contact our specialists.

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