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With mobile use taking up more and more space and changing our consumption habits, brands have no choice but to adapt to this new mode of communication. Goods and services have changd, but also content, which has had to change in order to be integratd into the smartphone journey. Square videos, vertical formats, less text and more images in general: mobile gives a whole new definition to storytelling . Facebook IQ has conductd a study of more than 2000 advertisements broadcast on the network, and gives us in an infographic the results of this survey on the new.

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Rules of creativity on mobile, which are very different from those applid everywhere else. Why does ad creativity matter even more on mobile? In this study – conductd in the Unitd States – we learn, for example, that mobile users Latest Mailing Database spend an average of 1.7 seconds per content, and that nearly half of adults consult their smartphone at least 30 times a day. Mobile-first, visual-first A singular use, which forces us to rethink the content that would seem most appropriate for such habits. Users spend little time on each content, and moreover, photo and video applications are the most usd on smartphones. Thus it will be necessary to adapt the visual contents to the smartphone screen.

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Which differs from that of the television by its verticality. And the study also shows that everyone’s expectations differ depending on the TW Lists platform: the user does not expect the same type of publication on Facebook or on Instagram, for example. creativity of ads on Facebook and InstagramHow to embrace this creative transition on mobile? What conclusions can be drawn from these changes? Although there is no magic formula for sure success on social networks, these elements of context are.

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