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What do we mean by this? Create your own segments bas on certain conditions to which an automatically generat email is sent. You can start small with this, such as an email when new products are add to the webshop or a birthday. However, there is much more data behind this, which is definitely worth using! Can you find out from the data how often a customer makes a repeat purchase on average? Then make sure you receive an automatic email within this period. This way you are relevant to the target group, because they often ne the product. Moreover, you can create all kinds of segments of your customers in such a system.


Think of VIP customers, which you can define bas on your data. Think of the frequency of buying, the average order amount, but also the lifetime value. The possibilities within such software are often endless. In addition to using email marketing in this phase, our advice is also to focus on reviews. One step further is a loyalty program. But also channels Ghana Phone Number List such as YouTube or Social Mia should not be forgotten. It remains a matter of inspiring the target group again and staying Top Of Mind! Channels – Care phase Which channels are good to use in this phase? This phase focuses on the loyalty and retention phase so these resources are more about the loyalty and retention. Steering to reviews Feback Company, Google My Business, etc.

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Tell a friend program Email marketing Social Organic engagement Youtube Organic engagement Social Remarketing Display Remarketing KPIs  Care phase The Care phase therefore concerns the phase after the purchase. How do we keep the visitor connect to the organization? How do we create retention and maximum CLV Customer Lifetime Value. Metrics on which you can assess this phase can be, for example: Repeat purchase ratio Recommendations reviews Customer lifetime value. Social mia performance TW Lists After sales performance Get start with customer journey mapping today. Shifts in budgets are sometimes necessary to work effectively with the See, Think, Do, Care model.

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