what are the main factors that affect the price

what are the, Before signing a contract with an influencer, you should consider certain points to know if the price offered makes sense. The first aspect that you need to take into account is the platform on which the disclosure will be made , since the values ​​may be different depending on the chosen channel. For example, no matter how creative it is, a promotion on Facebook or Twitter is usually less than on YouTube , for example. Another relevant point is the number of followers, however, it is essential to know the level of engagement between the influencer and their audience 

The areas that hire the most influencers today

what are the, In reality, there are several areas that have the services of influencers. From companies email database that work with the offer of products that can be purchased with just. One click to those that have more complex services. For this reason, on platforms like Instagram and YouTube. You can see people who have millions of followers promoting everything from English courses. To tools for personal or corporate financial management.

How to find the right influencer for your agency

To hire the right influencer. You need to check which  professionals use your audience’s preferred media . Regardless of the popularity of some influencers, this may not be the best strategy. For this reason, some companies end up hiring micro-influencers , not TW Lists because they charge cheaper prices, but because they have a qualified audience that adapts well to the product they sell. In fact, this is another characteristic of areas that hire influencers: most companies offer products rather than service

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