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 The transcendence of the ucational space The formation of the group “Ángeles de Arena” with young acrobats from the streets of Lima and the dance school “D1-Dance” do not have as their primary objective to be only academies for teaching the art of dance, but rather an open door to the community. , a kind of always-current possibility for all passionate young people who want to measure their skills and attitudes in this art. This open door not only invites entry but also goes out to receive or “pursue” the young man who is far, far away from any hope or direction for his life.

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 This makes us remember what we often forget: The university has a mission to which it is fundamentally call, the university exists to serve society and generate permanent changes in it in accordance with human, technological b2b leads and scientific development in pursuit of the well-being of everybody. Many times that duty is forgotten or observ like the most distant star in the firmament. The social projection of the university is essential for the development of the country and every teacher from his humble chair is call upon to fulfill this duty.

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Vania masías general studies holistic (totalizing) training of the student to change lives this concept has been widely studi in pagogy, but at the same time it is little understood in practice. Essentially, this ucational approach aims to understand learning as a constant recognition that everything learn has links to everything; that is to say, adaptability to reality, one of the TW Lists quintessential human faculties, is achiev thanks to a practical and social intelligence, the product of understanding that my knowlge can serve to solve the community’s problems, since more than knowlge in itself is the contribution of the skill that i have develop when acquiring it.

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