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If the text and information on your page does not match your target group, this is the point at which your audience will still drop out. Therefore, provide relevant and well-written information in a nice package. · Off page ranking factors There are also ways to influence the final position in the search results from outside your website. Qualitative backlinks is one such example. · Back links A backlink is a hyperlink that points to your web page from another website. Another platform therefore mentions you as a valuable resource with regard to a specific subject.

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Search engines see this link as a sign of relevance and authority and assign value to it – which in turn affects your final position in the search results. Do you want to know where you stand now? Then check your numbers in Majestic , as we have an example below. link building seo Do you want to know what you ne to Netherlands Phone Number List know about link building in 2021? Then read the blog that colleague Marc Receveur has written. · Technical ranking factors There is also a technical side to SEO that may be a bit more complicat but certainly not less important. Search engines crawl and index like crazy to map all the information on your website.

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To do this properly, a number of technical elements are requir at the back end of your website. Site and page spe You can undoubtly agree that a website that loads slowly does not make a good first impression. Search engines don’t like this either. A slow loading spe therefore has a negative effect on your position in the search results. · Usability Your ultimate visitors are still people, which is why user-friendliness is also TW Lists very important in terms of technical SEO. Consider, for example, a responsive website that seamlessly meets the expectations and wishes of the user on both desktop and mobile. Internal links To come back to crawling and indexing; search engines use internal links on your website to index the different pieces of content on your website.

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