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At this point it is wise to start thinking about which price you will use in marketplace. Do you use the same sales price as on your own site and sacrifice your margin because Amazon charges a seller fee, or do you increase the price slightly to compensate? Also remember that this price may lead to competition with, for example, your own site or webshop. 2 | Create your account Via the Seller Central on Amazon you create an account that gives you access to the many possibilities of the platform and manages your sales account.

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You will ne to enter your crit card details here, as well as your company registration details, contact information and bank details. It is good to know that Amazon is quite strict in which documents it wants to receive and which information must be present. It can therefore happen that the first time you submit documents, they are reject for reasons that are difficult to find out. You will not be the first to receive approval on submitt China Phone Number List documents only the fourth time. Don’t let that discourage you. Once you understand the process, everything goes a lot smoother. 3 | Create your product list(s). Before you can start selling products on Amazon, you must add your products to the Amazon catalog. You do this through product lists. If you only want to sell one item via the platform, this is quickly arrang.

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Fortunately, if you want to sell a large amount of products, you can use the bulk tool or, for example, a fe tool such as Channable. You then register the products for sale. You can do this in two ways: If the products you want to sell are already on Amazon, add them to a product listing and simply list the number of products you’re selling, the product category , shipping options, and the condition of the product. If the products you TW Lists want to sell are not yet on Amazon, you first identify the UPC/EAN and SKU codes, after which you add the product characteristics such as title and description.

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