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It is of course a shame to only attract traffic, but that the website does not (yet) respond properly to the conversions. One of the KPIs is also the number of “shopping cart abandoners”. The shopping cart is unfortunately a major pain point for many visitors, who drop out because of it. Make it clear in which phase this mainly occurs and anticipate this. Consider, for example, the use of influence principles from Cialdini, but a mailing campaign can also be very lucrative for this! Care phase The conversion has been achiev, but this does not mean we are there. You also want to be of value to the customer after the conversion, because a satisfi customer is good marketing.

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On the one hand because he/she can provide positive word-of-mouth advertising, but on the other hand also when we look at customer value. When we continue to interest an existing customer, give tips and thus be of value, the chance of new conversions is of course greater. The consequence? A higher Customer Lifetime Value instead of a one-time customer. The KPIs that are useful in this phase of the journey Spain Phone Number List include reviews, the ratio of repeat purchases, but also the CLV. A channel that is often us in this phase and that we certainly recommend is email marketing. There are many different types of systems you can work with. Bas on your requirements/preferences, you choose a suitable platform that must then be set up.

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These systems often work with automatic triggers, allowing you to set up “flows”. What do we mean by this? Create your own segments bas on certain conditions to which an automatically generat e-mail is sent. You can start small with this, such as an e-mail when new products are add to the webshop or a birthday. However, there is much more data behind this, which is definitely worth using! Can you find out from the TW Lists data how often a customer makes a repeat purchase on average? Then make sure you receive an automatic e-mail within this period. This way you are relevant to the target group, because they often ne the product.

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