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Makes it easier for us to assign you the correct contact. Business enter your business name here Name enter your name here  heretell us when we can call you. It is best to call at noon and afternoon. EmailEnter your email address hereArticle about Cologne Zoo. Sponsorship of Cologne Zoo Donkey Support Day with German Marketing Academy TakeoverActive today. actively sponsor donkeys! A Better Advertiser. Cologne Zoo. German Marketing Association Takes Over Cologne Zoo. Awardes Cologne Zoo Visitor Satisfaction Mark Again This autumn. the German Marketing Association ask how many.

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Visitors felt about the zoo in its annual visitor Japan Mobile Database survey opinions from all sides. As part of the research. opinions were ask about animal species. enclosures. how child-friendly the zoo was. food and the zoo store. in addition to overall satisfaction and willingness to recommend. The survey again demonstrates that the zoo’s continuous improvement efforts are successful. This is also because visitor wishes are record and then implement consistently. According to the visitor survey results of the German Marketing Institute. the overall satisfaction of Cologne Zoo is.

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Ad the willingness to recommend is . In front TW Lists of the mia. the professor award the award. Mr. Cologne Zoo Director comment on the findings as follows. This shows that our constant further developments. such as new and newly renovat restaurants. are very popular with visitors. The Dr. conclud the following. As a friend of the Cologne Zoo. I am very pleas with the positive results of the investigation. These results are the result of an efficient and constructive.

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