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The new ad format is dynamic and creat using unique fe files. Advertisers do not ne to add keywords to the ads; ad format is creat bas on Microsoft’s AI. Where can the ads be seen? First of all. The ads show up in relevant Bing searches. In addition. The advertisements can also be seen when users in Bing Maps are looking for a specific destination or when the user searches for what to do at a specific location. Within the Bing Maps interface. Tours and activities can also appear when the user hovers their mouse over certain points above the map. Finally the ads can also be seen in a carousel under the subpage ‘Bing Travel Guides.

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Microsoft ads What is the relevance of this new advertising option? The search ‘Leisure activities’ has become increasingly popular in recent months as corona is increasingly under control. According to a survey of Microsoft Bing users. Of those survey would like to get back to outdoor activities and 26% express an interest in cultural outings. With the new ad format advertisers Austria Phone Number List have a new way to reach this large group of consumers and capitalize on increas demand. Improv results Microsoft also want to highlight the efficiency of the new tours and activities ads during the launch of the Beta version. In the pilot program, a large online travel agency report that its CPA increas by. Another activity platform saw its ROAS for text ads increase by and finally the CPC of a major tour provider fell by.

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If these results are representative after the actual launch, advertisers using the new ads will get more leads and the efficiency of campaigns will be significantly improv. Knowing more? Do you want to know everything about advertising options within various browsers? Please contact us. we will be happy to tell you more. Did you know that you can also contact us for search engine TW Lists optimization and strategy ? Together we work on growth.From zero to hero, that sounds like music to many companies. It seems to be possible by applying guerrilla marketing in just the right way.

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