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The brand gave the pro tip to the glossier testimonials (select influencers who support the brand’s products) and. The day after the launch. They publish their personaliz tutorials using the new product. The select influencers manag different segments within the same audience. Combin with youtube tutorials. Glossier’s strategy includ other authoritative voices to spread the word about the new product. Among these. Important mia such as refinery29 (which has an audience made up mainly of gen y) and the glossier instagram account through which they gave visibility to their testimonials with videos of pro tip products. With 2.4 million followers.

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N tutorials there are various strategies a brand can undertake to capitalize on the impact that beauty youtubers have on their audience. In this article. Let’s look at 3 possible scenarios for using youtube tutorials: launch of a new product line makeup tutorials with influencers are part of the campaign strategies implement by a beauty brand. To quickly reach a loyal and attentive audience. At the beginning of november 2019 gen z-centric. The glossier makeup brand. Launch its first liquid eyeliner. The glossier pro tip and. To do so. It enlist the help of micro influencers. The move was to target the initial impact of their Business database campaign. Through trust voices. To the desir audience.

business database

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. As they can communicate their personality through video content. The average engagement rate on youtube is much higher than that of instagram for all  TW Lists influencer levels. Youtube makeup tutorials with establish influencers are the perfect vehicle to drive the conversation around a product and build a relationship with the audience. Depending on the initial intention behind a campaign. The right influencer category should be select ; a mega or all star influencer offers immiate diffusion within very different audiences or communities. While a micro or mid-tier influencer can help your brand reach a more defin audience that interacts with a certain

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