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SEO dos and don’ts While Google can help your business in many ways, the search engine can also be merciless when you try to abuse the platform. By reading carefully into Google’s preferences, you can quickly achieve results that will allow you to grow your business, but if you try to use the search engine too quickly and incorrectly for the growth of your business, you will be punish immiately . Some SEO do’s and don’ts are therefore certainly in order. SEO don’ts (black hat SEO) Place duplicat SEO texts by simply copying text from your competitors or other web pages·

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Add invisible words to manipulate the length of your text · Keyword stuffing to make Google think your text is very relevant when it is no longer natural for the user to read · Add links to websites without relevant information for your topic to simply piggyback on their authority · Mislead search engines by showing Oman Phone Number List content that deviates from what an ordinary visitor sees SEO do’s (white hat SEO) · Placing unique texts with relevant information to help visitors further · Add well label images to create accessibility · Add relevant internal and external links to deepen the information on your page · Improve technical elements of your website to increase usability and user experience·

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Use unique and relevant titles to structure your texts and web pages Want to get start with SEO yourself? Do you see areas for improvement for your website in the field of SEO ? Then use the tips above or ask our experienc SEO specialists for advice. We do this on a daily basis and we know all the tricks of the trade by now. This is how we help your business grow onlineWhat does your customer really want? A question that many marketers TW Lists and companies think they can easily answer. But don’t we look too much at the hard conversion with our “glasses”, so that we forget the entire customer journey? This could very well be! Because who offers.

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