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But how do you actually ensure that you get that top position in the Google Images results? In this blog we give you a number of useful tips, which you can absolutely use for findability in Google. The Importance of Google Images Take a look at yourself: if you are looking for a nice holiday destination or a nice living item for the wall, you might also go to Google Images. The advantage of this is that you immiately have an image of a subject. As a company, it is therefore important to also rank in Google Images. This is an additional way to generate even more traffic to your website, but that is not the only thing. Here are the benefits of Google Images: With Google Images, more information is given to Google’s robots.

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They understand better what the website is about. If you rank via Google Images, people will immiately get a better idea of ​​what information they can find on your website. People who have a slow internet connection, are blind or visually impair can better understand what is on the image, this is because the file name has Albania Phone Number List the name of what the image is about. We have already mention it for a while: by ranking via Google Images, the chance that the visitor will find your site is greater. How do people search? Are you curious about the optimization tips for Google Images? We will keep you in suspense for a while, because it is first important to understand how people actually search.

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Of course you can key in certain keywords in the Google search bar, but it doesn’t stop there. If people are specifically looking for something, they often use the ‘Tools’ option. As you can see, people can filter TW Lists even deeper until they have the right image. Size: icon, mium or large? Color: black/white, transparent or another color? Type: GIF, line drawing, clipart or any type? Time: When was the image upload? User rights: can the user also use the image for certain purposes.

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