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Creating a bond between company and consumer is essential in online marketing and this collaboration is a major step in the ability to convey “the right message at the right time”. At the beginning of February it was announc that Google and Twitter had conclud an agreement, after this message nothing more was heard from both Google and Twitter regarding the content of this agreement. This radio silence is now broken. At the beginning of May it was announc that Google and Twitter would be working on a small experiment, that “small experiment” is now live. Google shows Tweets in its mobile search results during this experiment. Why are the two internet giants going to work together.

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With the partnership, Twitter hopes to benefit from the more than 500 million people who visit the social network each month without logging in. The company is struggling to retain visitors, expand its user base and satisfy investors. With this collaboration, their number of visitors will increase. For Google, this collaboration is no less important. Google uses a very advanc Kenya Phone Number List algorithm to determine which website occupies which place within the search results. Google indicates that this depends on more than 200 “characteristics” such as the spe of a website, user-friendliness and content relevance in relation to the search term. Because Google now has access to Twitter’s data fe, they can benefit from even more information characteristics.

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For example, Google can track the volume of Tweets and see the interaction between users on certain search terms. With that information, Google can determine, among other things: – Which search terms are popular # hashtag use – Value of a Tweet How many people view and interact with a Tweet? – Which Twitter users have a lot of influence – Measuring links and page TW Lists strength Links that go to a specific page or links within Twitter itself Google can use this data to immiately respond to topics that are trending and thus give its users an optimal search experience! What does this collaboration mean for us.

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