What Is the Buyer’s Journey How to Create Content

People rarely just search for whatever you sell, click on your website, and buy right away. In fact, 71% of them start their research with a generic search. They’re reading blog posts, watching videos, consuming reviews, asking their friends, participating in communities—before they even begin to consider your product. So unless you’re creating content that buyers are searching for early on, it’s likely that you’re not even going to be in the consideration set. What Is the But if you can appear in the early stages of the buyer’s journey, you get the opportunity to educate them and influence their decision-making.

A buyer persona is

A “fictional person” you create who represents the common characteristics of your customer. Knowing what they’re looking for will help you create the right kind company data of content. Creating a buyer persona is not a thought exercise. Unfortunately, many companies treat it as such. They identify personas based on imagination, fill up a document, and tuck it in the recesses of a Google Drive somewhere, never to be seen again. Buyer personas need to be based on real-world evidence. So rather than sitting in a meeting room and conjuring them up, we need to get outside. Here’s the three-step process content marketer Adrienne Barnes recommends: Get to know your customers – Find your best customers and call them.

What Is the customers

Who knew immediately how your product worked or have been using your product without any complaints. Ask them questions about your product, what they like/dislike, the TW Lists problems they have, their responsibilities, and so on. (Alternatively, you can survey them.) Organize the data – Look for patterns among the responses. You’re looking out for commonly repeated phrases, words, and remarks. Segment the audience – From the patterns you’ve gathered, you should start to see some specific audiences popping out of the data. These will be your buyer personas. Let’s illustrate this step via an example. We’ll use Billy Blogger as our buyer persona. Billy wants to build a revenue-generating blog so that he can quit his full-time job. We’ll start by considering Billy’s potential journey, constructed from customer feedback and data: In this stage, Billy realizes he has a problem: His site is not getting enough traffic.

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