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The conference is the eighth. On the last day of the day of the day the leading content marketing business platform comes to the Hanseatic city as the guest of the best. Here you’ll get a handpick selection of the most inspiring speakers of all time who are sure to drive your content marketing. We give you a short rundown of the most exciting masterclasses and lectures from the Social Mia Professional Day. That’s waiting for you on June 1 and will kick off with their masterclass Design Thinking Content Marketing. The process of design thinking and the tools to support this application are present here in principle.

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Because content marketing doesn’t succe without a customer perspective, which is a major challenge for many companies. However, taking a design-thinking-bas approach not only puts you in the customer’s shoes but also identifies meaningful themes. Target Group Companies and companies just starting a content marketing campaign or already using content marketing. The first day’s event also includ Andreas Grock’s video ad for Patrick Klingberg’s Less third-party systems more love  After the masterclass on the first day you Additional social mia and content SMS Gateway Finland knowlge can be absorb in lectures at social mia conferences. For example the content of the lectures at ö and ö was impressively interactive and influential through small events on the afternoon of the 1st.

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From the slot description in the talk and the agency showcas their collaboration using clear examples showing how to generate relevant visibility on a small budget. The project is accompani by a topic-relat roadmap and well-thought-out itorial planning. A portfolio of content TW Lists The challenge is to target not only a broad target group but also specific groups in first aid and rescue. You’ll also get practical tips on the topic of influencer marketing, for example in the lectures on Influencer Marketing in Talent Wars in 2020. The influencer campaign initiat by , along with results and lessons learn are present here.

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