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 Each of these battles in the SERPs has Boost Your served to forge me like a sword and, over the years, has made me a better SEO writer. This has been the case to the point of going from being an occasional editor at Blogger3cero to being part of the staff as a main SEO editor . And now I am here, writing in the most read Spanish-speaking SEO blog of which I have been a reader practically since its inception. And I’m going to talk to you, of course, about SEO writing. If you are part of other Blogger3cero universes, you may have already heard me talk about SEO writing in some Shoot Your Content classes , in an SEO writing masterclass from SEO Warriors or in the Dino RANK tutorials .

SEO blog of which I have Boost Your been a reader practically since

However, today I am going to leave industry email list theory aside to explain from 0 to 100 the process I follow to write content that ranks on Google. Come here, next to me, at the starting box. Start SEO writing step by step You just received an email from a client asking you for content. The first thing you are going to do is take note of all the information in your Excel, Notion, Google Calendar or the app you use to manage your work as an editor. Let’s assume that this client is the typical one who barely gives you information. In his email he only tells you “ I want a post about what to see in Toledo.

Keyword Research to see what we find

I need it for next Tuesday .” (Luckily, there are also other people TW List who give you a detailed and wonderful briefing of everything they want, saving time for both parties, like the brilliant Edu Coromina does ) In this case, you only have a topic and a delivery date: everything else is up to you, so let’s get to work. Keyword Research Well, the client wants content about “ what to see in Toledo ” (sic) so we are going to start by doing a Keyword Research to see what we find. This will not only help us find related keywords, but also to check if the keyword that the client has provided us is the best for the topic they want you to write about.

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