Blog editors must get off the pedestal

But neither can these times be affected by looking for an exceptional platform. Optimization for search engines . Many fail here. A blogger—or a business with a blogger spirit—needs to understand that each post behaves like a new page and, like any page, must be indexed by search engines in order to gain visibility. Each added content should be seen as a new opportunity to attract readers and, in that task, search engines play a leading role. So, what the blog developers have to do is prepare it technologically so that this process is simple in everyday life. Adapting the blog to mobile devices . Currently, adaptive design – or as it is known in digital jargon: responsive design – is a thing of the past.

Limiting or hindering this access and consumption

The mandate now is mobile first —think first about how the blog is b2b email list deployed on mobile and then adapt it for desktop computers. Any digital initiative, and much more so if it focuses on the distribution of content, must be prepared to receive traffic from any type of device – phones, tablets or computers. Limiting or hindering this access and consumption – for reasons of adaptability – is a serious mistake that will undermine the attraction and retention of readers. The organization of the contents . When building a blog, you should create a clear and simple information architecture — don’t you understand what the hell information architecture is.

A good blog should have categories

In this article we explain it in detail . With a simple architecture, certain TW Lists steps will be taken to increase navigation through content. A good blog should have categories, sections and tags – taxonomy of information, in the language of web developers – that are easy to understand so that the reader can consume what interests them. It will be useless to have a lot of content if access to it is confusing or disorderly. Always keep in mind that the simpler your information architecture is, the greater content consumption you will have. 3. Mistakes in content the third link in the chain is the editorial line. Content is the essence of a blog, it is what attracts or distances it, it is what makes it visible or keeps it anonymous

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