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This is where we check the conversion. , how many of the new readers go to the sales page or online store and buy the product. Conversion = visitors to the sales page/online store / buyers x 100 Here it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you add your own pretty link or  you can see how many REALLY go from the post to the sales page. In other words, if you want to add the 2nd and 4th links to the sales page to the posts, and there are two links from both posts (i.e. four in total), each of these four will have a different pretty link or bitlylink. Believe it or not, analyzing data is SOOO much easier after you know which link makes a person click.

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IN ADDITION , when you direct visitors to the sales page, each buy button on the sales page should have its own pretty latest database link or bitlylink. WHY? Because it’s cheaper than paying, for example, for the Crazing program (approx. €100 / year) AND you know at which point the buyer crosses the purchase threshold. Statistics need not be more difficult than this. As long as you know what makes people react, read, get interested and buy, that’s enough. Below are screenshots taken from the blog posts in Anne’s sales tunnel (April 21, 2017), showing the readings accumulated so far.  December 9, 2016 passive sales Another post, published on 12/12/2016 This is how you make €8,023.

First post published on

10 in passive sales in four months (Case Study) The third post, published on December 13, 2016 passive sales The fourth post, published on TW Lists December 15, 2016 automated sales The fifth and last post, published on December 29, 2016 (it was not advertised during Christmas because we wanted to calm down Christmas for rest) passive sales Conversion only 0.27%?? When you look at the statistics, you can clearly see that the 2nd post has received a massive number of reads, but the sales have only come in at around €2,000 per month. What increased the number so drastically was media personality Henna Peptone’s article about Anne’s course . Anne’s blog gained a lot of visibility in a short period of time.

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