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Where we can, we help clients improve their SEO strategy and its implementation. Yet SEO often remains an abstract concept for companies that are not involv in this on a daily basis. We are therefore happy to explain exactly what SEO is and what steps you can take to grow your website. What is SEO? The term SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization . SEO is the process of optimizing a website or web page to increase and improve the quantity and quality of traffic from a search engine’s organic search results. Organic search results refer to the non-paid search results that appear for a specific search term. The higher in Google your website or web page appears in the organic search results.

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The greater the chance that visitors will actually click on your link and end up on your website. The higher the website, the more visitors. organic growth in positions In short, SEO is extremely important for the ultimate success and growth of your website. How does SEO work? SEO is in fact the Malaysia Phone Number List permanent optimization of your website to be found well in a certain search engine. Google is the most popular and most us search engine, but Bing, Amazon or YouTube are also examples of search engines. Search engines work with algorithms. These algorithms take into account a website’s authority, relevance to the search query.

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Website loading spe and much more – to determine which website will show up first in the Search Engine Results Page. It is therefore the intention that your website scores as well as possible on these so-call ‘ranking factors’. This can be done on a general level, but also with the help of local SEO . For example, Google has more TW Lists than ranking factors that determine the final position of a website. Search engine optimization is therefore constantly trying and measuring, adjusting and trying out. The ranking factors that Google uses in the algorithm can be divid into three categories: on-page , off-page and technical SEO ranking factors.

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