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This also means that a domain value of 40 is not twice as high as a domain value of 20. Tip 3: Keep in mind that the domain value is a relative metric When determining the authority of a website, competitors and previous domain scores are alwaystaken into account. For example, having a domain value of 50 doesn’t tell much unless it can be compar to previous or other domain scores. So if the domain value shows, for example, that a site has a value of 50, then this does not give an interpretation. This fact can only be properly interpret if, for example, the competition is taken into account; what score does the competitor have and what score did your site have before.

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Increase domain authority Now that you know what a domain value means and know the necessary tips about its interpretation, it is important to increase the authority of your domain. And so we come back to link building. With link building you effectively increase your domain value and you work Italy Phone Number List step by step towards a better position in Google’s search results. Link building How link building can grow your business online In addition to your position in the search results and increas traffic to your website, link building has even more effects on the online marketing growth and success of your business. 1. Build authority A good link building strategy also contributes to the brand awareness of your company, service or product.

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The more relevant external websites refer to your site, the more broadly you will be seen by a specific target group. In short, you become an authority within your niche. For example, use unique data that you have collect to publish a relevant and comprehensive guide. Chances are that other websites use your guide to support their content. That way you use unique expertise and data to build authority. You can’t see exactly what TW Lists your authority is from Google’s perspective. Progression of SEO metrics such as Moz Domain Authority , Majestic Trust Flow and Ahrefs Domain Rating can give you an idea of ​​how the website is developing.

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