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Google ads policy What does the future bring? The first pilot of Google Ads with the 3-strike system is bas on the table above. However, the plan is to add additional policy points in the future. The intention is that this approach will be roll out globally and the Google Ads service will become better and more secure with every step. With this new policy system, Google Ads sends a clear signal to accounts that try to get around the rules on a regular basis. The pilot is currently running on the so-call Enabling Dishonest Behavior, Unapprov Substances and Dangerous Products or Services policy, but Google has already indicat that it also wants to improve other policies in this way. So for now it is mainly a matter of waiting to see what consequences this pilot will have in practice.

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We will in any case keep a close eye on it. Also advertise on Google? Although many companies today use Google Ads as part of their marketing strategy, this is not obvious for every organization. Search engine advertising requires the necessary knowlge, especially when you are dealing with strict regulations. To prevent you from accidentally making a mistake, it is wise to Bulk SMS Czech Republic have your advertisements drawn up – or at least check – by a specializ party. Do you want to get start with Google Ads yourself or are you looking for a partner to optimize your ads? Come and outsource your ads right away or start with an ads scan first .

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We are happy to think along with you as an SEA specialist .Privacy protection is becoming increasingly important. Last year, browsers Safari and Mozilla Firefox already bann third-party cookies and Apple also wants to protect users against large-scale data TW Lists collection with the iOS 14 update last April. Recently, Google has also join this club. This spring, Google officially announc that it will stop using third party cookies in Google Chrome. Initially, Google plann to implement this change as early as 2022, but more time is ne to get everything right. It is now clear that Google expects to abandon third-party cookies in 2023.

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