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To market segmentation.  to users based on the user’s history or track record. 8. Social Media bee quality and color detection. So, you don’t need to bother editing your images to make them cooler . 4. GPS GPS Navigation GPS or Global Positioning System V is a relatively  a favorite program for socialites. Because, this program has become a means of sharing and caring for the wider community. You can find friends you haven’t seen for a long time by sending The convenience and speed provided photos and videos to each other.  by various social media programs use artificial intelligence (AI). One of them is friendship based on the contact number you saved. Usually you often find your friend’s contacts accidentally, even though you didn’t ask for it. 9. Translator Online translator service Language translator programs also use artificial intelligence capabilities. Today’s translators already have.

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Sophistication of voice recording , then The   and speed provided the translator will translate it into the language you choose. Apart from that, there is also a translator with a camera. You just need to point the camera over the writing without taking a photo, then the writing will change by itself. 10. Online Shopping Online Shop How often do you shop through online shops ? Easy, cheap whatsapp number list and practical. Online shopping programs have thousands to millions of products that you can find. When you open it via the homepage, you will find various products that you can choose from various categories to items no matter how cheap or small. AI applications in online shops are usually found in product recommendations displayed on the homepage. These recommendations come from programs that always study your.

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Whatsapp Number List

Habits in searching for or buying a product. “I prefer a lazy person to do a big job, because get it done.” (Bill Gates) That’s enough explanation about the 10 artificial intelligences that we use every day. If examined further, the use of artificial intelligence is very widespread. In essence, artificial intelligence aims to make it easier for humans to access anything easily, quickly and practically. Artificial intelligence cannot escape the intervention of a programmer. You can also make it with TW Lists a fairly simple process. If you are interested in learning programming , you can take programming education through Dicoding . You will find various choices of majors that you are interested in and a learning curriculum that follows international standards. Prepare for your technology career through the Bangkit 2023 Program .

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