And is committed to the project

Blog administrators must join the organization’s digital. Team to design a dissemination process for published content. The blog must coexist with the website, with social networks, with digital advertising and with the other digital actions of the business. And that integration must occur in both directions. From the ecosystem to the blog and vice versa. The company must make the blog visible on the website, social networks, corporate stationery, business cards; in each advertising piece and in any scenario in which. The business comes into contact with the audience.

Blog readers are picky about loading

The success of the blog does not depend exclusively on the. Work b2b leads on the content, but also on its distribution. 2. Technological failures the technological area is the main source of blog errors. Fortunately, they are the easiest to solve—in theory. Of course, a development team will be needed that is always up to date with the latest trends. And is committed to the project. To obtain the blog desired by readers, the development group must work intensely on four critical points.the loading time of the platform . Blog readers are picky about loading times, and patience is not their greatest virtue — you can check your blog’s loading time in google’s insight.

No excuse is valid in this section

Therefore, it is mandatory for the blogging platform to be fast. No excuse TW Lists is valid in this section. The team must work on reducing loading times if they want readers to feel comfortable and come back. The important issues to achieve this are: (i) hire an efficient and robust server, (ii) constantly optimize the weight of images and multimedia content attached to published articles, (iii) develop a simple and functional coding – use a content manager, like wordpress, is a good idea to solve this—, and (iv) create a rich but lightweight graphic design. Eye! The idea is not to sacrifice the appearance of the blog or its functionalities to improve loading times. 

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