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Further time specifications are not yet known. What exactly does this mean for advertisers? It is clear that third party cookies will be a thing of the past within a few years. Without a doubt, this also has an effect on online advertising . Cookies are an easy way to remember information. That is why they were soon us for all kinds of different purposes. Consider, for example, the targeting of advertisements to the personalization options of a platform. When the third party cookies disappear, the following problems (or challenges) arise  1. Remarketing Most importantly, the ability to target users on other sites and platforms will disappear. Thanks to the so-call Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP), visitors can be plac on remarketing lists for less time.

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This makes online advertisers even more dependent on the first party data from platforms ( Facebook and Google). 2. Analytics & Conversion Tracking Stricter handling of cookies also means less reliable data in Google Analytics. Blocking cookies means that returning visitors will not be recogniz. As a result, campaigns that do not have an impact within 24 hours, but Bulk SMS Belgium only after 14 days, for example, cannot receive the correct rating. 3. A/B testing and personalization Everything that is personaliz for a user and is therefore stor in the browser will be affect by the changing privacy measures. Because tracking cookies disappear, it is impossible to track online behavior over a longer period of time.

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In short: the possibility of personalization campaigns is limit and the data is not necessarily reliable. After a certain time, each unique user is seen as new again. And now? The disappearance of third-party cookies forces us to think more carefully about the means we use to achieve our goals. The disappearance of third-party tracking makes us more dependent on Google and Facebook, because we have to rely even more on their first-party data. At Traffic Today, we are therefore TW Lists already thinking hard about which next steps we ne to take ourselves to be well prepar for the cookie-free future.

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