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Because the target group starts looking more actively in this phase, you now end up with SEO ( link building ) and Google Ads. Where in the See phase the focus was more on interruption marketing, you can also add other channels here. After all, the visitor does not search for nothing, how nice is it if you offer what he is looking for and the landing page provides the perfect information? A match made in heaven! We therefore recommend that you focus on providing information at this stage. Because you have collect so much information about the customer during the preparation, you can put it to good use here. An important message to get across here is “why should they choose you?” This does not mean that it should become its own story, also look further for supporting evidence.

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We still see that word of mouth works very well. So let your satisfi customers work for you, for example by starting with reviews, highlight cases/projects. At the same time, you also respond to a piece of social proof, which is good for your persuasiveness. Moreover, in this way you ensure Oman Phone Number List that the final product / service becomes more tangible. When someone sees how satisfi someone is, how the product is us or how the product looks in real life, you ensure that the online environment is better translat. Channels – Think phase The Think phase therefore focuses on the target group that is already more actively searching and comparing things.

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Information provision is key here. Channels that can be us for this include: SEO – Content aim at the visitor who is actively comparing and figuring things out. Social advertising – Look a like target groups Social advertising – Targeting bas on interests Social advertising – Remarketing bas on touchpoint TW Lists in the See phase Display advertising Google Ads (No focus on purchase intent) Google Shopping (Focus on Comparison) So you also see in the channels that not only interruption marketing is important, but that you will also respond more to the searching target group.

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