Already available at an earlier point

research phase is often the most time-consuming.  more time than is available. Therefore. plan the timing of the investigation phase as accurately as possible in advance. For telephone and in-person interviews. we are guid by the number and average duration of plann interviews. For written and online surveys. the duration of the survey phase is determin by defining a submission or return date. allowing time for.

On average field work requires

any follow-up. secondary research   in time and Albania Mobile Database for other similar purposes. it is secondary research. This data collection includes the search. collection. processing and evaluation of existing data from all aspects of the problem at hand. Since. in this case. no new data is collect through surveys etc.. but information gathering is limit to the analysis of existing data. the term desk research has become synonymous. Both internal and external sources were us for secondary research. Internal sources can be documents from cost and performance accounting. production and storage statistics.

If the data are us to obtain information

complaint systems or your company’s target TW Lists groups and database management systems. External sources of information can be official statistics. specialist literature and the Internet. check current issues. In this case. the German Marketing Association prepares the data for you for further internal use according to the question. In addition to primary studies and or as an alternative to secondary studies. we perform primary statistical analyses. Existing secondary data are always us when they are not sufficient to.

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