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First of all, I love WordPress because it is so versatile and can be spiced up with appropriate plugins. I found a free plugin for WordPress, which I immediately tried. Below is a picture of the plugin I deployed. Make sure the plugin you choose is compatible with your theme and version.

My own theme already had a 404 page ready, but it didn’t look quite as good as the one I made. 😀In fact, the 404 page related to the theme should have been scrolled down for a long time before the written text would have appeared. Since the theme already had this feature, if I had kept the dot in the “Standard Mode” section, it may be that the 404 page made through the plugin would not have been displayed correctly.

In some situations, definitely yes. If “adjusting” with technology is not your strongest area, then I recommend leaving this small task to a professional. Even though it only took 30 minutes to implement the plugin and make the page, sometimes the technology doesn’t work as well as you want and 30 minutes stretches into 3 hours.

Before hiring a professional, design the 404 page and collect all the necessary data so that the work goes quickly.

Is it worth hiring a professional?

to have 404 pages from time to time. There is no need to panic with them, but it is good to be careful with them. Too new data many 404 pages will negatively affect your search engine visibility, dropping you from the hard-earned first page to the fifth. Or to 25 pages.

For example, my blog currently has 36 links that point to 404 pages. Ugh.So there is still enough work for this spring. Oh yes, you can easily get the number of 404 pages when you connect your blog to Google’s Search Console . Handy tool btw. When working on 404 pages, remember to leave it out of the sitemap or page index. You don’t want the page to be found in Google’s search results, so more and more people click on this page

What tools do you use to find 404 pages?

More and more coaches are transferring their skills online. Online coaching and courses are a convenient way to help and teach customers. With the help of online trainings and courses, information is quickly available to many people. The coach’s most important goal is, of course, to help the client or student. The coach has a lot of information, which can be easily transferred to a digital format.

However, the coach does not necessarily have information about what would be the most profitable, easiest or most reasonable way to transfer his own knowledge to the students. There are countless TW Lists online course and sales platforms. Their pricing differs a lot, making it difficult to compare different course platforms. And if you’re taking your first online course, you may not be quite sure the best way to convey information to your students.

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