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of people have made a purchase via email more than once in the past year and others have made a one-time purchase. You usually shouldn’t count contributors but we estimate that’s about ie more than three-quarters of the Netherlands. Not bad. We still subscribe to the newsletter regularly. In the past year we have sign up more newsletters in the Netherlands than in the previous year. of people subscrib to newsletters in the past year. On the other hand, people also unsubscribe from several newsletters each year. Most people unsubscrib from the newsletter.

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Main reasons to sign up The prejudice against the Dutch is confirm again; we love discounts and promotions. Since this is the main reason for subscribing to the newsletter, no less than of people cite this as their main trigger. Fortunately, many people still sign up for the newsletter to learn about a brand or organization. The main reason for unsubscribing The main reason for unsubscribing and the biggest risk of newsletters is too frequent. But the subject of a newsletter is often the reason for a digital goodbye as well. Glad to note that Congratulations Chang Lai Not everyone is Bulk SMS Argentina honest enough to admit it but sneaking congratulations on your birthday gives you a good feeling. The same goes for congratulatory emails. Admittly, those congratulatory emails are great because they usually include discounts or gifts, but gifts are part of birthdays.

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They are also popular and therefore effective, as can be seen from research by . Birthday emails are the Dutch favorite. Other Conclusions Best Time to Message The best subject and frequency will naturally vary from sender to sender. The situation is very different for an online baby clothing store than for an insurance company. But there are some general conclusions from the research that you can use as you start email marketing. For example, private mailboxes are TW Lists mainly open in the morning and evening. The smartphone is the device of choice so it’s important to make sure your emails are clearly visible on the phone screen.

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