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Research has shown that 20% of visitors come to a product through the categories. The other 80% therefore uses the search function. To be visible with your product, it is important to understand this process. For this it is extremely important to optimize your title. If you are a brand that is relatively unknown, do not mention it in the title of the product. This can actually scare off visitors, so use general terms in this case. In addition, you should use hyphens, appreciates this clear way of formulating. A good title therefore has the following structure: Brand  Seriesmodel.

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Type of product – Target group (if relevant Material (for jewellery Color  Size The title of a particular pair of sunglasses will then look like this: Rayban Aviator – Sunglasses Goldmm This may seem like a lot of effort, but research shows why the title is so important. 35% of clicks are on the first product. In addition, 70% do not look beyond the first page, so a good position is also very important for trading platforms. Sales Algeria Phone Number List analysis on In addition to the performance score and buying block, as a seller you can also see how you score at product level. This is very useful because you can look very specifically at how you score compar to the competitors.

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The following components are shown in this analysis: Product name Week number stock The number of sellers The lowest price: your price is shown in black, those of other providers in gray Your delivery time: if you are the fastest, this will be stat here sales analysis | TrafficToday You can also view other statistics under each product: Sales difference Revenue Amount sold Visit It is very interesting to look at this data. For example, you can TW Lists use the statistic ‘Visit on’ to see how often the article has been view. By comparing this with, for example, the reviews, price and delivery of you and the competitor, you can gain interesting insights.

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