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Knowlge that goes with you Great practical examples Deep expert knowlge Overall won the Marketing Day 2019 speaker. These include marketing managers from well-known companies such as Siemens ö or , who provide insights into their marketing practices. The program is enrich by experts from the field of economics who complement the theoretical and taught topics. This year the plan came out of practice. Marketing Day’s programming reflects themes the team has encounter over the year as they engage with readers, experts and various networks.

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explains the Head of Macroeconomics responsible for the program of the Expert Congress. For us, Marketing Day guarantees that everyone responsible for marketing has access to specific solutions to their current challenges, explain. The program offers the following and other highlights: Artificial Intelligence From Buzzword to Practice Can You Post This Experience as a Thought Leader and Corporate Influencer and ä Siemens AG Practice How to Generate Revenue from Microsites ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions AG Keynote Speech Cognitive Revolution Where Marketers in the Age of Artificial Intelligence Create Together Exchange expertise Bulk SMS Oman in an interactive format In addition to the knowlge impart by the speakers on stage, the exchange of expertise between participants also plays an important role.

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Often this is an opportunity for networking where participants can share experiences and create add value for others. That’s why this year there will be more networking opportunities relat to the theme says. This is reinforc not only during breaks and group investigations but also in in-depth workshops and bar camps. In total there will be more than bar camps and workshops on different themes. Here are some highlights The Perfect Marketing Strategy in the Age of Customer Experience Be Creative Get Niche Topic Original Marketing Inspiration with Tools and Keyword Research From Web Development to Concrete Sales Opportunity It pays to have like mind people out there because when you get the chance to spend two days with multiple like mind people from all walks of life to exchange ideas in depth and get so many daily challenges worth TW Lists knowing more info can be found here and Possibility to register Marketing Day Marketing Day is organiz by the trade press.

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