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They are happy to help you create volatile contentTuesday September. Content Marketer Eva and Online Marketer Marthe attend the Influencer Marketing Event in Utrecht. This day was as the name suggests. All about influencer marketing. The main question that was answer was: how can influencer marketing best be us De Fabrique in Utrecht was the influencer marketing Valhalla on Tuesday. In this authentic and industrial location. various interest parties came together who want to know more about the trends in influencer marketing. While enjoying a hot cup of tea and a Delicious croissant we were welcom by Kirsten Jassies. The chairman of the day.

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After her welcome speech Jassies hand over the baton to Bas van Teylingen of Online Cookie Collective. He is an experienc player in the industry and was therefore able to share a lot of useful information with us. He told more about the benefits of influencer marketing. With a good strategy you can go a long way. For example the use of influencer marketing can ensure Generating sales More brand awareness Building a relationship between your brand and followers More traffic to your socials and website Israel Phone Number List Leading speakers In addition to Bas van Teylingen. There were other leading speakers who want to share their knowlge with us. For example we attend sessions by Marit Brugman Haegens Mia. Adrie Risseeuw The Insiders and Jessica van Leeuwen Sanoma Mia. What do these speakers have in common They advise to always do research for a good match.

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With influencer marketing there is a good chance that an influencer has a bought fan base. Making the reach of a post worthless. There are various online tools to check this. So that you can always work with an authentic influencer. Disadvantages of influencer marketing The speaker that spoke to us the most is Mike Blake-Crawford Social Chain; a speaker who told them about the marketing bubble. What was special TW Lists was that he start the presentation with a negative argument about influencer marketing. He mention the disadvantages and reasons not to use it.

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