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A higher level, so that the quality of our services remains extremely high compar to the national average. In addition to the fact that we are always actively working on this ourselves, Google also supports us and our customers in this. The split between Best4u and Traffic Today was also discuss. We explain to Google what the differences are between the two companies. The fact that Traffic Today has grown extremely in the past year in terms of personnel, certificates and Ad Spend was not lost on Google itself. In short, Traffic Today has been well put on the map and we are extremely proud of that. A typical Google lunch read: taken care of down to the last detail was of course not to be miss.

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The canteen had the biggest salad bar we’ve ever seen. Eight kinds of olive oil, salmon, tuna, salad, in fact everything you could wish for was ready. What I found especially special is that staff could register themselves for a pop-up. For example, if you really like shrimp, you will receive a message when it is serv in one of the restaurants. Brilliant! The bond between Traffic Today and Google is stronger than Macedonia Phone Number List ever. Are there important innovations or training courses that are interesting for our field? As an agency, we are immiately inform. In the coming period we will work even more intensively to guarantee quality, which means that we will visit each other more often and keep in close contact.

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After the good conversations and delicious lunch it was time to get acquaint with the traditional Irish beer Guinness. I can be short and powerful about that: Delicious! We went back to the Netherlands with a TW Lists lot of inspiration, not only in the field of online marketing, by the way. We already have a fruit bar at Traffic Today, but maybe we should have that salad bar too!The sun is shining, the terraces are full and it’s shorts again, it’s summer! Summer is the ideal season to get start with online marketing.

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