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third-party cookiesGoogle Chrome Of course, Google itself is not sitting still either. The browser allows tracking cookies to gradually disappear over a period of two years, but at the same time hopes to come up with a good alternative for these cookies. For example, with the announcement of the Privacy update, the ‘solution’ was also present, namely: Google Privacy Sandbox. Google Privacy Sandbox The Google Privacy Sandbox is Google’s solution for tracking and serving personaliz ads without third party tracking cookies. They do this using the FLoC API (Ferat Learning of Cohorts). In other words, Google Chrome wants to label its users bas on interest. Also call ‘cohorts’. A major difference with cookies is that users are not track as individuals, but as groups cohorts.

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Google can still sell target ad spaces, but can no longer leverage individual user data, as the new “cohort data” is anonymous. The rollout is currently still in its infancy. For now, Google is conducting the first field tests with FLoC in the Unit States and some Asian and South American countries. There has also been some criticism of this ‘solution’ from Google. We are therefore very curious how this project will develop further. Of course we will keep you informLast Bulk SMS Russia week, Steven and director Jan Landman of our customer Fenceweb BV gave a presentation at the Webwinkel Vakdagen. This event usually takes place in the winter, but due to corona, a special Summer ition was creat this year.

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In this presentation, the duo zoom in on the gigantic growth of Hekwerkonline . In the presentation, Steven Lubbers and Jan Landman explain how these models have been appli and how data has been us. Watch the presentation below:Every self-respecting company that is on social mia likes to place links to their own website. After all, links provide more traffic to your page, which takes the exposure of your product or service to another level. The ease with TW Lists which you post those links on Linkin or Facebook , sharing an Instagram Story link was so complicat until recently.

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