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The basic ad buying tool is now call Google Ads. But how does this work? We are happy to tell you! How do Google Ads work? Google makes the most money from advertising . There are a number of tools that allow companies to place advertisements for this. These tools are now being merg into Google Ads. The services remain the same, only the name changes. So the successes of advertising on Google continue. It is a good way to get in the picture with your target group or potential customers, because with Google ads you can advertise your business in the Google search engine. The changes Now you’re probably wondering what’s going to change. Access is given to Google Search, the YouTube video service, the.

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Google Play app store and 3 million other partners, among others. The standard interface for Google ads is simplifi, with automationenables the design of ads and determines where they should appear. Why is this being done? Because Google ads should serve as an all-encompassing “front door.” The goal of the new Google ads is to make it easier to advertise beyond the original search box. To Morocco Phone Number List realize this, machine learning is introduc to increase the effectiveness of the advertisements. A new campaign type is being introduc in Google Ads, especially for small businesses, making it easier to get start with online advertising. It brings machine learning technology to small businesses and helps to get results without doing a lot of work.

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What changes for you? Nothing really changes for you as a customer. It only provides structure, to avoid confusion. The name Google Adwords will therefore make way for Google Ads. Newoptions will be add here, which will make it easier for small entrepreneurs in particular to place advertisements. As of July 24, 2018, the new ad structure will be us. You as a customer do not have TW Lists to do anything for this and the changes do not affect the performance of running campaigns. If you have any questions, our SEA specialists are ready to help you with your Google AdWords campaign.

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