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According to Google, GZIP achieves compression rates of. The table below shows how much GZIP compression saves some of the most popular JavaScript libraries and CSS frameworks. These savings range from to. GZIP works for any website, from WordPress to Magento or your own custom CMS. The easiest way to check if GZIP is enabl is to use one of the online tools. If it turns out that GZIP is disabl, ask your web builder/host to help you enable it. Often this implementation only takes a few minutes through a plugin implementation, the .htaccess file on an Apache server or nginx.conf on an NGINX server.

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Conclusion: the urgency to optimize page spe for websites Year after year, Google continues to indicate the importance of page spe and, as indicat earlier, recent studies also contribute to this. Of course, page spe has always been important, but with mobile first indexing it has become even more important to deliver an optimal mobile user experience. “Spe ​​is something that does matter quite a bit to Venezuela Phone Number List us and it has a big effect on users, so that’s something that I, personally, would take seriously. Is your webshop doing so well that it is time for the next step to also focus on visitors abroad? When you are going to build a second website or webshop for your foreign visitors.

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For example by creating an English version, it is important that you give search engines a helping hand to ensure that they better understand the relationships between the links and the structure of your website. The Hreflang tag helps search engines understand this better. We’ll tell you all about the Hreflang tag so you can get start right away! Let’s dive deeper into Hreflang tag. Because what exactly is it? And why is it TW Lists so important to use? You use the Hreflang tag when you have a page that is available in different languages. For example, think of a Dutch, English and German page that all have the same content, the only difference is the language of the written content.

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