5 Marketing Automation ideas to apply with existing clients

Today, before the introduction, there is the greeting: Hello! As you take? Good? I hope so. I hope so from the bottom of my heart. You haven’t told me in a while and, you know what? I’m starting to ask myself questions. Just tell me you’re okay, that’s enough for me . Me, well, well too, happy and content, overwhelmed and hyper-busy… the same as always! Ha ha ha. Marina and mommy are very well so… happy is the word . Come on, I’m getting messed up for a change. I tell you… table of Contents Marketing Automation beyond the acquisition funnel

Marketing Automation beyond the acquisition funnel

For Grupo Graphic, I have been thinking for a couple of weeks about some ways to take advantage top industry data of the potential of email marketing automation and improve our relationship with the clients we already have . Indeed, in my internal debate, I wanted to focus on “improving the relationship with clients” instead of “acquiring more clients” which, if you allow me, is surely the utility with which we are most “accustomed” to dealing. TRUE? To quisqui talks today about conversion funnels, about how to attract visitors , visitors, you and me, people and put them into a death trap that will seduce them until they become customers.

5 Ways to improve the relationship with your customers thanks to Marketing Automation

So, it’s not the same as possessed, although I don’t really understand what possessed means either because the dictionary says that it is someone possessed by an evil spirit but we use it TW Lists like “don’t be a jerk to me”… Right? Eeee, stop talking about sex, “possessed.” But that’s not bad. No? … Oysters! You’re there… Jolin, sorry, I’ve been a bit scattered lately . Shall we continue? As I was saying, it’s a shame that we are so busy making new clients and doing the work we promised to ask you to help us grow our own brand. TRUE?

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